Miss Marple Brunch

salmon fingers

shepherd's pie

the almighty scone

and then add some cream and jam!

bread and butter pudding

Miss Marple’s Tea Room is nestled on the hills of Mt Dandenong- about 30mins drive from Glen Waverley. But it is worth the drive! Make sure you get there early (opens 11am til 4pm everyday except Christmas and New Year’s) because it does get very very full in a very very short time – but again, it is worth the wait.

The atmosphere of the dining place is definitely unique, the awning is lined with tea pots and it is quite literally a living room turned into a tea room! Everything is very homey :]

Starting with the salmon fingers that are honestly quite ordinary, but it is just the starters. And then, shepherd’s pie which is quite tasty. Oh, of course, the scones… warm soft scones served with home-made jam and cream… soft cream, soft jam… *heaven* [the long drive is worth every single second of it!]

For dessert, we tried the bread and butter pudding. It tasted good but since we were probably already too full, we didnt exactly finish them, such a shame.

All in all, it is a combination of the atmosphere and the homey food that makes this place one of my favourite destination in Mt Dandenong!

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