Sydney : Bourke St Bakery

how good is really good, you ask?! well, anything will be REALLY good if it comes from Bourke St Bakery! i am not making this up. i climbed steep hills for these babies, and again, i am not making this one up too! and it was worth every drop of sweat -yeayea i dont exercise that much-

at first sight, i was quite surprised by how tiny this establishment is! people dont mind lining up to get fresh baked goodies on this corner and so i did too! i took only 3 memorabilia out of the 4 bakery goodness i got (cause i was too enthusiastic when i was eating the chocolate tart), so here it goes…

bourke st boulangerie

rhubarb tart

(maybe) peach tart

raspberry chocolate mousse tart

a very good raspberry chocolate mousse tart

home made lemonade

takeaway: praline pastry and raisin danish

all of those hubbub regarding how good Bourke St Bakery is very true and very delicious! i can still remember the freshness and crispyness of the puff pastry…and the shortcrust pastry of the tart…and the sweetness of the chocolate mousse with a touch of raspberry…

ok, i better stop before i start drooling all over my desk.

this place is a definite MUST-COMEBACK!!

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