Sydney : Makoto

i visited Makoto with a friend- just so we are clear i did not finish all these plates all by myself. Makoto is the talk of the town in Sydney at the moment and for good reason too! their sushi dishes are served fresh and they dont muck around with taste too- quite authentic. you can tell which part of the dish is the hero of the plate. totally worth getting in line and wait for 20mins!

first round

first up i grabbed salmon sashimi and unagi nigiri! and they were damn good. very very good. the unagi wasnt too sweet but very creamy and just melted in my mouth. sashimi was really good and fresh too. very good ‘entree’ i shall say…

edamame soaked in soy sauce

spicy salmon roll

ebi nigiri

dragon roll

tobiko nigiri

prawn mayo nigiri

the aftermath

this much for two people i spent $50! quite cheap for food this good, i say!

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