Sydney : The Little Marionette

Quite literally little, this place is nestled just off the famous Darling St, Balmain. I truly enjoy my brunch in this cafe because it is right across the road from the Gladstone Park. In busy hours, customers choose to borrow the rugs provided and sit on the park (yes, they can have their orders deliver to the park!) – plus, they serve several Zumbo creations (pastry and muffins)

Booth St, Balmain

view of Gladstone Park from inside TLM

rugs to borrow

food preparation area (read: kitchen, very small kitchen)

'inside' seating area

told cha, i wasnt kidding when i said it was a petite space. and very crowded during meal times! it was actually easier to find a seat inside the cafe instead of on the nearby park…

and the food is not bad too, they serve one of the best lattes i’ve tasted so far!

one of the best lattes i've had

BEG sandwhich

bacon egg gruyere!

it might be small but it is not insignificant. must visit destination in Balmain indeed!

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