Sydney : Adriano Zumbo


zumbo window display

enter the zumbo

ok, if you have never heard of Zumbo, go google him now!! and no, he’s not ‘just’ a pastry chef- he is a mindblowingly creative pastry chef.

i arrived at his store on a saturday afternoon only to find a long line of curious people waiting to go into his store. so i made another visit on a monday morning, a mere 10mins after the store opened its door. the store was still quiet and i talked a bit with the shopkeeper who said “you’re just in time! it’s about to go mad in 20mins time” – and it did!! just minutes after i left the store, a line of people has started to form outside the door!! madness!! a very delicious madness though :)

green with envy

still green with envy

obviously not wagon wheels

just a giant macaroon!

good ol' chocolate 'cake'

dont lick your screen!

spikey spikes

if only blogs have 3D features

not your average spaghetti

i can hear brains melting…

chocolate caramel tart


the yellow one is salted caramel. the peachy one is peach-saffron. the pinkish one is cherry coconut. and they are all very very very delicious!

needless to say, Zumbo is a definite must visit destination in Sydney!

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