Sakura Kaiten

salmon sashimi

first plate of the train was of course salmon sashimi. it was probably one of the freshest salmon sashimi i have ever tasted!!

wagyu teriyaki beef

followed by delicious tender wagyu beef marinated in teriyaki sauce….

salmon roll

some rice would be nice (and it was very nice!)

prawn karage

something deep fried was also nice…

unagi roll

the cream cheese in the middle was a bit too much but the unagi was very fresh!

salmon-fish eggs roll

green tea

gobble them down with the help of some green tea and this is what we ended up with!


sakura kaiten is one of the best sushi train place in melbourne- prolly serve one of the best sushi too!! the restaurant is quite small though so please make a booking if you want to come with more than 4 friends:)


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