Grossi Florentino Dinner

went for girls’ dinner the other day at Grossi Florentino Grill. we ordered some delicious dishes and ended the night with even more delicious desserts. too bad the portion was a tad too small though, but since we were sharing everything and the desserts wowed us all then all is forgiven! :)

costolette di agnello

Crumbed lamb cutlets, goat’s cheese salmoriglio, mint, mache and pea salad

orrechiette con cime di rapa

Hand shaped Puglia style wholemeal pasta, pigs cheek, “cime di rapa” potato, chilli, pecorino.

trota al forno

Rainbow trout, pan-roasted, green beans, burnt butter, shaved almonds.

tortellini di aragosta

Lobster tortellini, dill, vermouth, crème fraiche.

cavolfiore gratinato

cavolfiore gratinato

and now let’s move on to the better part of the meal- DESSERTS!!

valrhona chocolate souffles


Warm chocolate mousse, Tonka bean, triple cream parfait, vanilla macaroon.

rhubarb semifreddo

white chocolate, raspberry meringue, lavender pudding, saffron pear.

needless to say, the desserts were definitely the highlight of the night. we waited about 20 minutes for the desserts and demolished them less than 10 minutes- it was that good!!! personally i would make a return trip there just for the desserts :)


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