Sandwich Crazed!

so the story goes that i spotted very cheap (and very close to best before date!) chicken drumsticks at woolies. being a true drumstick fan, this is a golden opportunity! i didnt know what i was cooking that day, but … drumsticks!!

but then i remember that i have no rice/potato to eat the delicious drumsticks with… but i did have leftover sliced bread!!

roast chicken and egg salad with spinach

roasted peppers

i bought this lovely roasted peppers few days ago. it was just sitting there waiting, and this sandwich project is just perfect! admittedly, it took a good 15mins to open the jar itself but it was worth it!

roasted chicken and roasted peppers

and i have a confession to make, in the end, there was quite a few chicken leftover so i just eat them with the peppers :p

*heaven on earth*


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