Italian Feast

lately i’ve been doing a lot of italian cooking. decided to try easy- bruschetta and risotto. simple recipes, all quite vegan friendly. and all very delicious!

red yellow green bruschetta

more bruschettas!

the red-yellow-greens were made with cherry tomatoes, basil and yellow capsicum. until then, i never realize how expensive yellow capsicum was! almost $2 for a single capsicum. all the more reason to use every last bit of it.

the second set of bruschettas were ‘leftovers’ – made them with spinach & feta and just regular red capsicum with tomatoes. the spinach feta one was a tad strong in taste but the capsicum-tomato combo were divine. i think it’s safe to say that i am now a bruschetta convert. having been eating horrible bruschettas in the past, now i know they are very easy and delicious to make :)

for the main, i made mushroom risotto! first time ever making risotto and a successful one at that *grin*

spinach and mushroom risotto

i made them with simple basic ingredients- arborio (of course), mushrooms, spinach, white wine and lemon zest. i am pretty sure that the lemon zest made all the difference here. the tangy taste was just spot on and gave a fresh zing to it. love love loves~


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