Tempe and Green Beans

before making this dish, i have this unexplained fear for cooking tempe. probably because when i was a kid, mom did the whole deep-fried thing and it splattered everywhere. i hate splatter-cooking. well who doesnt :p

anyways, since i missed tempe too much. i decided to just suck it up and tried to replicate mom’s recipe. yes, believe it or not, i am bad with asian cooking/recipe. although, i didnt use any measurement when cooking this dish- everything was simple added to taste :)

so let’s start shall we?!

boil the greens with a little bit of garlic for 3-4 minutes

cherry tomatoes, capsicum, onions and garlic chopped up!

and of course, tempe! just cubed them up :)

tempe and green beans

the pantry ingredients i used were kecap manis, white pepper, salt and several drops of sesame oil.

this dish was soooo much like my mom’s (but not exactly like hers, still!), i ended up finishing this dish in 1 day! i ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. it was tasty and just like mom’s :)

traditionally, this dish is served with warm white jasmine rice but yellow (turmeric) rice is also good!

tempe & green bean with yellow rice

like they said, mom always knows best!

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