Monk Bodhi Dharma

i have a serious confession to make. i have lived in Balaclava for almost 4 years now and only last week i discovered this small but always crowded nest of coffee goodness very near my house. nonchalantly situated next to safeway, MBD (as they brand their coffee) is never empty! every muffin and sweet slices are baked in-house and very tasty! within a week, i already went there three times and always i got myself a good cup of latte- cause it is THAT good.

buddha's bruschetta

buddha’s bruschetta is a simple cherry red and green tomatoes tossed with basil and boconchini cheese drizzled with olive oil and pepper served on toasted sourdough. and here’s a close up :)

buddha's bruschetta

i like it how in close up, the green tomatoes looks a lot like mini watermelons!

this place has slowly become my new favourite (and only 3 mins walk!!) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone looking for a cosy brunch/lunch spot. but they get crowded quite quick.

Monk Bodhi Dharma

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