2 Minutes Souffle

i stumbled upon this recipe and decided to give it a go right there and then. i was craving for chocolate cake and couldnt be bothered being all nigella and melt chocolate at 8pm… well, not today.

it took me approximately 5 minutes to put the ingredients together and whisked them into smooth-chocolatey goodness and 2 minutes to microwaved them, in total it was literally less than 10minutes from table to tummy!

fresh from the microwave

when it was in the microwave, the souffle/pudding actually rose up passing the brim of the mug and then it sunk right back down after i opened the microwave. below is the “innards” picture to show you the texture…

innards view

and then, i decided to crank up the notch a bit and gave it a blob of bulla’s choc chip. and it was gluttony at its best :)

express chocolate souffle

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