Charcoal Lane

you know what’s better than eating in a good restaurant? eating in a good restaurant with a good cause, just like Charcoal Lane :)

the establishment was quite neat and reminded us a little bit of Cumulus Inc. the waiters were all really nice so yeah, it really added positive points to the dining experience.

for starters, we opted for the selection of entrees in the a-la carte menu (instead of the lunch menu) and just divided it amongst the three of us…

selection of entrees

and it consists of sweet potato fritter paired with capsicum salsa, white bait paired with aioli mayonnaise, prawns paired with chili ginger sauce and marinated olives.

sweet potato fritters

these fritters are one of the yummiest i’ve tasted so far! i am currently looking for recipes online and tried to replicate this one :(

for the main, we all tried the salmon which i personally think is quite too buttery. the salmon was okay. nothing groundbreaking but the portion was quite generous though. huge block of salmon cooked juuust right.

wildfire salmon with kennel puree and shredded cucumber

let’s move on to dessert! we ordered one of each dessert available on the lunch menu – at first sight, presentations were quite impressive!

raspberry & rosella flower cannelloni, fresh strawberry & native mint salad

this pink number is very cute and delicious! the cannelloni was made from jelly and eventhough i dislike rhubab’s texture, everything just blends nicely. very nice for summer days!

baked lemon aspen tart, yoghurt ice cream, maple syrup snap

this lemon tart is quite touch-and-go for a bit. the topping is nice and creamy but the base is of an acquired taste- the base soaked is something lemony and it wasnt crispy. quite a turn off for some people. however, the yoghurt ice cream and the crispy snap were very nice! we couldnt figure out what the dried grape is doing there…

and what’s dessert time without some good ol’ chocolatey goodness!?

pink salt chocolate parfait, honeycomb, marshmallow

the parfait (block of mousse, essentially) was actually salty! the chocolate quenelle  was dark chocolatey sweet therefore together they were dee-licious!! the honeycomb was also sweet-caramely-salty… very good honeycomb! marshmallow was a bit out of place but no one complained :p

it was a good dining experience, i must say. a bit of misses but it didnt ruin our day. AND IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE!! :)


Charcoal Lane


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