Honey-Garlic Glazed Pork Ribs

i visited Queen Victoria Market the other day and every time, i get all giddy when i go there. all the fresh herbs and produce you can buy… the possibility is endless! at the end of the day, i bought dukkah, chorizo and a slab of pork ribs… and a jam doughnut and chicken borek. yeah. hard to control my inner-foodie when surrounded with good stuff :(

anyways, i halved the pork ribs because, well, it was an 800-grams of ribs and i certainly wont be able to finish them by myself. so here’s the second-half of the ribs (the first one was a standard honey-soy-garlic glazed, roasted in the oven for 45mins with 15mins interval for basting)

for this recipe, i used instant lee kum kee’s honey garlic marinade/sauce (thanks to a friend who owns an asian grocery store!)

first, i marinade the ribs in soy, garlic, chili flakes and hoisin sauce overnight. and then sealed them for 3-4minutes on a hot pan. and then in the oven 180degrees for 30-35mins *depends how you like your meat cooked* – i did 30mins and there’s still a hint of pink in the middle of the fleshy part…yes, delicious!!

honey garlic glazed pork ribs

delicious side shot

and i devoured it the best way i know how… with chili oil!! YEAAAAH. saturday lunch will never be the same ever again ;)

honey garlic glazed pork ribs with chili oil

*licks fingers*


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