Vicmart Night Market

summer is most definitely here!! and that means the night market is back on. eventhough it has been constant wet weather every wednesday, people still flocks the night market. i’ve never been to vicmart’s night market before and i was amazed at the number of people there! i literally had to wiggle my way through and every food stall has their own line of at least 10 people.

European Pastry – Gozleme


this european pastry reminds me a lot of ‘martabak’ form indonesia – similar texture to malaysian roti. we bought the spinach and mushroom one. it was tasty!! really tasty!


no, that is not dumpling. it is called ‘momo’ and its origin is from nepal. looks and tastes similar to dumplings tho :\

korean potato twisters

now this twister beauty is delicious and dangerous at the same time. delicious because it is fried potato, of course it’s delicious! dangerous because 1) the stick is REALLY pointy and can seriously injured someone, 2) the flavouring powder’s color stayed on my fingers for 2 days :(


the dessert was this! a deliciously sweet cannoli. i usually never finish this in one go but this time, i gobbled it down within minutes! highly recommended for everyone going to the night market. sadly, i forgot the name of the stall that sells this but i remember it’s near the lemonade stand :)

other nibblings that went undocumented : sangria (probably the longest line of people i’ve seen in the market) and churros (7 churros for $8!!). and to give you a picture of how crowded the makret was (and probably how it’s gonna be every wednesday night), here’s a glimpse :

night market

i only tried a tiny few of what they offer there so definitely will making my way back there!! ps: if you plan on going, wear comfy clothing and comfy shoes!


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