Passionflower Ice Creamery

on a warm summer’s night, what better way to spend time with friends than over ice cream! this new ice creamery just opened some mere months ago in melbourne is originally form sydney. well, it’s about time they made their mark in the culinary capital of australia :)

we tried several different creations but unfortunately, not all of them hit the mark this time… first up is ‘Willy Wonka’ which consist of chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate wafer. it tasted very chocolatey as how chocolate dessert should be but the let down is the shaved ice in the middle between the ice cream and the mousse. i didnt enjoy the runny mousse after i finished the ice cream :( so in the end, i only ate 3 spoonfuls of mousse and had quite a lot left over

willy wonka

next up is the ‘Playmate’ dessert consisted of lychee rose ice cream with coconut jelly and strawberry syrup. it is quite light and enjoyable. and refreshing too! worth a try the next time you visit :)


and lastly, i forgot the actual name of the dessert but it is basically black sesame ice cream + glutinous rice covered with black sesame + ground nuts. very nice and a welcome change to the usual strawberry/vanilla/chocolate flavours.

we only tried 3 of the possible one hundred ice cream offerings in the menu. despite the hits and misses, we definitely will come back and try other flavours. the long opening hours and convenient location certainly help too :)

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