Bendigo Trip!

i got a day off form work and decided to go to Bendigo. so i asked couple of friends to come along and away we went! yes, the weather was quite bipolar (pouring rain one minute, bright and sunny the next) but it didnt dampened our spirit to peek a little into what Bendigo has to offer. we arrived in Bendigo around noon and decided to make our first stop at Beechworth Bakery- the home of the famous Ned Kelly’s favourite pie.

ned kelly pie

ned kelly pie - innards short

so the legend goes that this is Ned Kelly’s favourite pastry dish before he was captured thrown into the good ol’ gaol. needless to say, just look at those yolk perfection, i have found a new favourite too!

we went around the centre of bendigo and due to the rain, we only visited the Chinese museum. read about how the first Chinese immigrants escaped to Australia in search of a better life and landed in Bendigo. interesting day indeed. so after we expand our knowledge, we decided that it’s time to expand our tummies too!

i read that Old Green Bean is the most recommended place for coffee and so we decided to give it a go :)

ice coffee

new york style pancake (with bacon)

the pancake was one of the softest i’ve ever tasted! it’s very yummy and delicious. too bad it didnt really go with the bacon :( well not according to my tastebuds at least- something not quite right mixing greasy bacon with maple syrup…





obviously there are more to Bendigo than just these two eateries and i will definitely make another trip up there to try out other eateries for my dearest tummy :)

2 thoughts on “Bendigo Trip!

  1. ooo this brings back memories of my rotation in bendigo.
    I’d recommend the wine bank – free wine tasting on wed nights + great open steak sandwich, eaglehawk bakery cafe – award winning vanilla slice, gallery cafe – nice views, decent coffees; oooo ooo and don’t forget the LEGEND burger (IT’s U.S. size burger) at bath lane cafe.

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