Andrew’s Hamburgers

imagine sitting on a park on breezy spring afternoon and munching on one of the most juicy and succulent hamburgers you’ve ever tasted. bliss isnt it?! if you decided to drop by Andrew’s Hamburgers in Albert Park, guaranteed the best beef hamburgers in town! well, maybe not always the case with the ‘breezy spring afternoon’ though…

the small pillow of hamburger

the actual of the modest burger was quite intimidating for me. very big and, well, pillow-like consistency. no, i’m not exaggerating! just look at it!

the beef patty burger

and of course, innard shot! please refrain yourself form licking the screen :p

innard shot of the mighty burger

and at $9 a burger, they are absolutely worth it! dont believe me?! well, just visit this little shop yourself to find out. check the opening hours though before you visit, they close during the afternoon after lunch hours.

Andrew’s Hamburgers

Andrew's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

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