been planning to try out Movida for a while and when a friend offered to book a friday lunch there, i couldnt say no! so the four of us went for a quick tapas lunch. it has been raining for the past couple of days so the gloomy afternoon was not a good start. we ordered several dishes to share and look at them pretty tapas!

Ajo Blanco

first is ‘ajo blanco’ which is a chilled almond soup served with grape granita. honestly, not my cup of tea. it tasted like a confusion between dessert and entree. served in a double-shot glass, ajo blanco was the first dish that came out from the kitchen.


cordoniz is a quail with toasted corn and jamon. we thought that the crunchy bits are nuts but after a while, we realized that it’s too light – it’s a corn!! interesting texture combined with the quail leg and jamon.


the small version of empanadas, to be exact. i think it’s called ’empanadillas’ – nothing special here. the pastry was crunchy and tasty. but the filling was a tad bland for our liking.

anchoa con mato

anchoa con mato is Cantabrian anchovy served with fresh curd. yes, one small sliver of anchovy with curd. sorry to be sarcastic but the portion was a bit too small even for one person. the crumbs was almost undetectable because of the overpowering taste of the anchovy.


the famous bomba! “chorizo-filled Catalah potato bomb with spicy sauce” – yes, the dish that put frank comora second to marion in masterchef. the sauce was delicious! i must admit, i love the sauce. but i cant taste the chorizo whatsoever. in this dish, the sauce saved the dish! it compliments the potato really well.


it is a ‘small cigars’ made out of brick pastry filled with shredded pork (wait, or was it chicken?) – as delicious as it was, it was too small to be enjoyed. but it was quite nice.


lomo – pork loin chargrilled with salsa verde and preserved pepper – was our ‘main’ dish. it came out a good 20 minutes after we finished our tapas. and it was actually worth the wait. the pork was succulently grilled and the salsa verde gave a complimentary flavour to the smokeyness. on top of that, the crunchyness of the pepper was also nice!! it was a memorable dish to say the least :)

oh, i also discovered this beer whilst dining there. and may i say that this is one of the nicest beer i’ve had in a while!


overall, i seriously think that Movida is a bit overpriced. as delicious as the dishes were, the portion was a bit too small- even for tapas. i dont mind going back there but not anytime soon. to be fair, i havent tried the other Movida places so, we’ll see…

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4 thoughts on “Movida

  1. I went to Movida Next Door for the first time the other week (in fact, it was only my third visit to Melbourne ever), and I’m excited to see we had some of the same dishes! I definitely liked the bomba and am kinda glad we didn’t order the anchovy with curd… but I did love the ajo blanco, I must admit! But then again I’ve got a sweet tooth ;)

    • hi hannah! the ajo blanco’s taste did grow on me after a while. probably cause i was expecting something savoury? :p

      did you try any of the desserts? i didnt get the chance to :(

    • LOL. this was my first time there too! my friend suggested the Movida Acqui one instead of this one if it’s your first time.

      i heard from some people that Movida hasnt been doing well lately, flavor-wise that is.

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