Cacao Green

sorry it took me a while to post this up. ever since this new dessert establishment was opened, i’ve been going there every second day :( – whether it’s for their coffee (the caramel machiato is especially good) or their signature dark chocolate waffle (they use AMMA chocolate!!) or the italian originale frozen yogurt (with honey macadamia topping ofcourse!) …. i still havent tried them all!! too addictive, must have one every week!

french strawberry with blueberry compote and honey macadamia

signature dark chocolate waffle

ice chocolate (60%)

crunchy walnut waffle

the thing that i love the most about Cacao Green is the option to have 40% , 60% or 75% chocolate in their chocolate drinks line. 60% is the right one for me liking, not too much.

their waffles are especially crunchy and light. sometimes i ordered the blueberry waffle because i am in love with their blueberry compote :P

Cacao Green is located at 285 Swanston St, Melbourne (corner Swanston & Lonsdale Sts)

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