their fried chicken is hailed as melbourne’s best by The Age – do i need to say more?! it is very addictive. since i am used to the bold flavours of korean cuisine, Hallah is just right for me! and below, i managed to snap the pictures of what we ate. i considered myself lucky to be able to get my friends to wait for me to finish taking pictures – they were all anxious to dig in the moment the food came from the kitchen :p

fish cake soup

some fish cake soup to start with, and noticed the bear fish cake?! yeah, i think that’s one of the fish cakes :p

kimchi pancake

the best kimchi pancake i’ve ever had so far! perfect for those who are not akin to kimchi’s strong taste. when made into a pancake like this, they still give you the crunch but milder flavour. i really truly like this pancake. like, a lot.

chap jae

this noodle dish also referred to as ‘japchae’ or ‘jabchae’ but i call it ‘freakin delicious’ because it is! it’s cellophane noodles stir fried with sesame oil and various vegies and add in some sugar and soy sauce to taste. very light but filling!

grilled mackarel

i also love this dish very much! the sauce is just perfect! and the fish was grilled perfectly, it just melt in your mouth (the same way it melts my soul! :p)

and of course, last but not least, the one dish that could easily make it into my Last Meal On Earth list!!

hallah's fried chicken

at a glance, they might remind you of those hot buffalo wings but they taste nothing like those greasy wings! these chicken pieces were fried to crispy perfection and then tossed into hallah’s secret sauce (i would like to think that it is a secret or otherwise i’m hunting the recipe down!) – just perfect. perfectly perfect!

excuse my countless ‘perfect’ in this post because i love korean food and hallah makes one of the best in melbourne! must try if you want to try korean cuisine :)


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