Universal Studios: Mel’s

first of all, apologies for the late update :( when i was overseas, i couldnt find the proper internet connection to update t2t…. okay that’s a lie. i WAS too busy eating (and documenting, of course). and now i’m back! so here we go :)

went to visit the recently opened Universal Studios, located on Sentosa Island, Singapore. just a short trip from the famous Orchard Rd. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) reminds me a lot of WB’s Movie World in the Gold Coast but USS is divided into themes – Shrek, The Mummy, Jurassic Park, etc and each theme has their own unique rides and cute souvenirs.

didn’t really try every food there but the lunch we had was more than decent – especially the chips/french fries. if you visit USS, try out this one near the main street.

lunch at Mel's

grilled fish burger

the fish burger was quite delicious (for a theme-park food standard), it was rather enjoyable actually. reminds me of a fancy maccas’ fillet o’ fish- only better!

grilled chicken burger

loaded potato (fries served with meat sauce)

i’ve always reminded myself that Singaporean food rarely disappoints and i was right! eventhough this was bought and enjoyed in a theme park, the taste was more than just okay. it was an enjoyable experience!

and and and, to keep up with the american theme of the restaurant, check out the place!

mel's diner

so this is entry #1 from my overseas trip. i’m hoping you’ll come back for seconds ;)

until next time, keep your tummy happy!

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