Innocent Bystander : Pizza

we went for another Healesville trip the other day (way way before Christmas!) and we went for some cherry picking! afterwards, we dropped by at Giant Steps//Innocent Bystander for some lunch. when we got there, crowded was an understatement! the gloomy weather makes it impossible for the patrons to sit outside, so we waited for a table for about 15 minutes. and then, we got to devour these!!


hot & spicy meatballs


needless to say, they were all very delicious and freshly made & baked to order. the salami was nice and the spicy meatballs was indeed really spicy (and i consider myself spicy food lover!) – the biggest surprise is the vegan pizza (topped with pumpkin, rockets and crumbed goat’s curd) which was quite tasty and not boring! kudos to the Innocent Bystander chefs!

Giant Steps / Innocent Bystander Winery on Urbanspoon

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