Singapore : Rasapura

if you visited Singapore recently, you must have heard of Marina Bay Sands Casino. well, i didnt go to the casino but i did visit the shops! not many stores have opened but it looks promising. and just like every other shopping malls in Singapore, foodcourt is one of the determining factors in making the mall a crowded one- MBSC’s foodcourt is doing exactly that. we walked around the mall, not many people were wondering around but once we’re at the foodcourt, we found where the mass gathered! and i dont blame them. the standard of the foodcourt, named Rasapura, was considerably higher than the ‘regular’ malls foodcourts.

we got there and grabbed a quick lunch. since my dad is a huge roasted-pork fan, we got ourselves some pork dishes :)

honey soy roasted-pork

crackling-skin roast pork

like i’ve mentioned, the quality of these pork dishes are certainly restaurant standard. well, something you don’t expect to find in a humble foodcourt in a recently opened mall. one of the many reasons why i never get bored of Singapore’s food :)


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