Singapore : Ding Tai Fung

had my first taste of DTF when i visited Taiwan my my parents several years ago. their xiao lung bao is one of the best i’ve ever tasted. the egg fried rice is also to die for!! i can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and supper. their beef noodle soup is also slurpworthy!!

i always make the “effort” to visit DTF whenever i’m in Singapore – just for their egg fried rice. and their xiao long bao. and their beef noodle soup. i’m salivating just thinking about it…

xiao lung bao

egg fried rice

beef noodle soup

garlic snowpeas leaves

apologies if some of the pictures were a bit blurry. i couldnt hold myself together long enough to devour them! needless to say, i do highly recommend DTF if you want to try some delicious chinese cuisine – however, do google where you can get them because i have yet to find DTF in melbourne :(

ding tai fung

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