Singapore : Miscellaneous!

honestly, i ate 4 times a day when i was in Singapore and i actually lost track of when’s lunch and when’s dinner (read: meal time was severely disturbed, in a too-much-eating kinda way) so here it goes, the ‘loose’ meals that were consumed neither during lunch nor dinner. or they were probably was.  toldcha i couldnt keep count :(

noodle with sliced crispy pork

this noodle dish is literally ‘crispy’ pork – they are crumbed thinned pork, deep fried and then sliced into perfection. and that maroon ‘blob’ you see there is ‘sambal’ (or chili paste) – but it’s not spicy at all, more like sambal for tastiness. well, it is one tasty dish! i found this is 313’s Food Republic :)

sweet and sour pork

another dish found in 313’s Food Republic is what i called the way sweet and sour pork should be made and presented instead of the usual red blobs on top of rice with nose-piercing aroma. just look at it! it makes you want to dive into it!

awfully chocolate

now this ice cream is not exactly ‘awful’ but it is awfully chocolate! i cant describe how chocolatey it is, it just really really pure chocolate. and sugar. i remember coughing a lot after eating this ice cream. not a pleasant after taste obviously. it was actually delicious for the first 3 bites but not more than that for me, thank you. found this in ION’s Food Republic (B4 floor).

now for the last, of course i’m serving you one of the most delicious AND AND AND i actually found this in Changi Airport (T3) on the second floor in a restaurant called “Prima Taste”

spicy soft-shell crab

singaporean laksa

being the true culinary country, even airport food can looks this amazing. i often transit in singapore on my way home to indonesia and i always have the laksa everytime. without fail. well probably because i am a laksa fan and i’m pretty sure it is one of the tastiest out there.


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