Liar Liar

such an ominous name for a cafe/restaurant/one-of-the-best-coffee-places in melbourne. but let it not fool you because to be honest, eventhough simple, their selection sounded delicious! and i heard the coffee is not bad too.

i was craving for an egg-dish so i ordered the ‘Scrambling Liar’ which is basically scrambled egg and friends, delicious friends i might add.

scrambling liar

scrambled egg with feta and chorizo on toast. and some of you might have noticed by now that i am a huge fan of chorizo :)

my friends ordered theses…

poached egg with salmon on toast

poached eggs with bacon and avocado

you cant go wrong with these combination, right?! and may i say, a ‘traditional and delicious’ approach the brunch movement :p

did you notice the cute pink beetroot ring on the salmon dish?!  and saving the best for last, the coffee! i’d give it 7 out of 10. better than average but not the best.


i would love to comeback and visit again, especially since i heard their dessert dish is not half-bad :p


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One thought on “Liar Liar

  1. fan… lu udah mulai ketularan the “hyphen craze” yah? hati2… uh I want some salmon

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