New Zealand : Old Library

as i have mentioned before, a group of us (me and friends) went to New Zealand for a week*. we went to Christchurch, Te Anau, Lake Tekapo, Milford Sound and Queenstown….yes, Queenstown. oh how i looooove Queenstown! anyways, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here :p

when we first arrived, we were so amazed by New Zealand’s “purity” (i refuse to call it beauty because beauty is relative, whereas purity is indisputable) that we were about 2 hours behind schedule :( we were meant to arrive in the first town Fairlie around 7pm but because of the impromptu picture taking along the way, we arrived around 9pm, which according to locals translates into ‘no one on the street’ – well, quite literally there was no one and everywhere was already closed :'(

however, we passed this place called ‘Old Library’ which was still opened but looked rrrrreally quiet. so a friend of mine decided to walk in and asked if they can serve dinner. after my friend confirmed that we can still have several dishes on the menu, we jumped in straightaway.

there were 7 of us and only 2 options, either salmon salad or fish & chips. i opted for the fish and chips because i was famished!

fish and chips

to be honest, i couldn’t tell if the fish and chips were really that delicious because i was THAT hungry but it certainly has one of the crunchiest batter i’ve ever come across! my friends decided to order the salmon salad and it was not bad too!

salmon salad

the vegies all looked fresh and so was the salmon! not to shabby for an ’emergency dinner’ i must say :)

but this was not our first meal in NZ, when we first arrived, it was a bit passed lunch time in Christchurch and we stopped on the first familiar sight that can guarantee a happy tummy ;)

burger king (aka hungry jack's)



*we went to NZ just a week before the devastating quake in Christchurch happened :(


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