i’ve heard about Elevenses for a while now but not until my friend prompted to me how good their coffee is that i tried to squeeze in the time of my day-off to grab lunch there. upon arriving, i was told that the sandwiches are all still available- my heart fluttered- cause i heard their ‘ugly duckling’ is to die for!

first up, coffees- a latte and a cappucino were served in a flash, and may i say, near perfection :)



previously, i never had a pleasant experience with Toby Estate coffees that’s why i was a bit hesitant when i first realized that Elevenses IS using Toby Estate but to cut the story short, my faith has been restored and renewed ;)

and then there’s the sandwiches… oh where do i begin?! there’s the ‘ugly duckling’ sandwich, which MIGHT looks ugly to some but the tender juicy duck will soon melt your worries away. and there’s the ‘rooben’ sandwich, which can flinch some people at first- “what? kangaroo meat?” -but dont judge until you’ve tried them!! both sandwiches are very very nice….more than nice, it is uber delicious! oh and have i mention the bread? i looove the bread they use! toasted soft fluffy ends to the delicious meat and vegies…

ugly duckling


Elevenses sandwiches are unintimidatingly delicious… and i heard they just added a slow-cooked pork neck sandwich and buffalo steak & tiger toast on the menu, definitely will give them a bite very very soon!!

oh, i wanted to do an innard shot of the sandwiches but i was too eager to finish them so, please excuse the blurry visuals >,<

rooben (left) & ugly duckling (right)

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