Indonesia: Hachi Hachi

another international food blog entry! went home to Indonesia for a much needed catch up with family and friends. but didnt exactly go on a culinary trip :( short story is i didnt have enough time, long story is my tummy easily gets upset nowadays eating spicy food :(

anyways, i still went to some delicious eateries around Java (the main island in Indonesia) – and here it goes, first entry is not a traditional Indonesian food! lemme emphasize that again, what you are about to see is a Japanese-Indonesian fusion food in one of the most crowded eateries in Surabaya (East Java)!

spicy noodle

this is a very spicy seafood udon dish – quite delicious and very Indonesian (strong herbs and flavours)


obviously why it’s called volcano. inside is a tempura-sushi like dish, sushi fried in Japanese breadcrumbs- which is nice but i wouldnt exactly call that a fusion food.

dragon roll

now this is the highlight of my meal in Hachi Hachi! the dragon roll! you can see why for yourself- tempura prawn, rice, mayo, eel and that amazing crunchy stuff in the stuffing… *dies*


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