New Zealand : Astro Cafe

no offense to every cafe/restaurant/eatery i’ve ever been to but this place is WITHOUT A DOUBT has the best view (yet) – located on top of a mountain (no, seriously) and it was clear skies when we were there. just writing about it makes me wanna go back to Lake Tekapo and revisit this humble eatery!

astro blueberry muffins

the menu selection is, honestly, quite ordinary but they sourced their ingredients from the best of local produces (eg NZ salmon!! excuse the exclamations please) the “usual” egg & bacon, fritatas and bagels are available.

pumpkin & cucumber fritata

muesli & berries

vegie fajitas with tomato salsa

big breakfast set

NZ salmon and spinach with cream cheese on toasted bagel

so that’s the lot that we got. needless to say, the view enhanced the taste of our food by a thousand fold. yes, i keep talking about the view because it is THAT good. but first, the coffee. i ordered a latte and found out that they are using Supreme’s beans! *yay!*

astro coffee

and while we were enjoying all those delicious delicacies above, here’s a glimpse of our view :)

astro view

aaaah… i miss that view so much!! waking up every morning and having your breakfast looking at that …*sigh*….

astro cafe


Astro Cafe is located at Lake Tekapo about halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown.

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