Little Mule

being located just metres from the beyond-popular Brother Baba Budan, this little eatery might find it hard to compete. but safe to say, Little Mule has their own ‘feel’ to it and no, i’m not making it up. if BBB is filled with chairs hanging from the ceiling, then Little Mule has bicycles hanging on the wall!

little mule

we went there on a saturday. it was empty when we got there so we took our time looking at their selection. unfortunately, they only provide baguettes and sandwiches but the coffee makes up for it!

little mule latte

salmon and rocket baguette

vegan sandwich

a friend suggested this place when we were planning to have brunch. we were expecting more on the menu but their sandwiches/toasties/baguettes were quite nice. and their coffee is quite delicious. i ordered another one for take-away before we left.

i personally enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, with the bikes hanging and all that… kinda hard not to stare! :p

anyways, Little Mule is recommended if you are looking for a light brunch/lunch :)

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