New Zealand : La Dolce Vita

during our trip to New Zealand, we stopped by a small town called Te Anau. before we got there, we were thinking how limited our eating-out option would be but turns out, we were spoilt with choices! however, due to our unawareness of opening-closing time of the eateries in such a small town, La Dolce Vita was one of the few options left :(

dont get me wrong. it wasn’t a disappointing experience. it was AN experience! i was in New Zealand and enjoying life, what’s there to complain about! :)

venison steak

rib-eye steak

the steaks were ‘okay’ – we ordered the rib-eye medium rare and the venison medium-well done. but, they wrote in the other way *sigh* oh wells, we were hungry and they were closing so…

venison ragout spaghetti

i ordered the venison ragout spaghetti, just to be safe and it was quite pleasant for my liking. or probably because i was just too hungry? well, either way, the spaghetti was cooked quite well :)


meanwhile, on our way to Te Anau, we stopped by at Queenstown [food blogging at Queenstown is probably one of the most exciting so stay tuned!] and we grabbed a quick lunch in the mall’s foodcourt. i got me some sushi at Yama Sushi!

salmon and avocado sushi rolls


[previous New Zealand entry was Astro Cafe Breakfast! one of the best views EVER so make sure you’ve ‘sipped’ a bit :) ]

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