Hardware Societe

if you love breakfast in melbourne, you are most likely to have heard of this place before or even, a regular there! but this was my first time visiting the famous Hardware Societe. nestled in the busy Hardware St, CBD, this place is quite small but never empty (except when closed) – seriously, it was hard to find seats for two! my friend ordered the muesli yoghurt and i ordered what seems to be the most famous dish for breakfast there, the baked eggs :)

insanely popular baked eggs

blueberry peach pistachio muesli yogurt

i like how these dishes are so bright and seems like they yell out ‘enjoy!’ – the red baking pan, the purple of muesli meets the green of the pistachios! it does warm your heart just looking at it. and of course, how can i forget the latte :)

latte with fried dough

nice and simple presentation. and the fried dough! looove the fried dough <3 and the coffee is delicious too! not the best but definitely above standard.

a pleasant brunch will surely start the day well :)

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4 thoughts on “Hardware Societe

  1. Wow, those baked eggs look amazing. I usually head to Cumulus Inc for their breaky (including spanish baked eggs) whenever I’m in Melbourne, but maybe I need to try out Hardware Societe. The bircher looks incredible as well!

    • Cumulus Inc is a tad better for my taste but do try Hardware Societe :) it’s a completely different atmosphere form Cumulus!

      bircher was devine! too bad my friend finished it quickly LOL

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