New Zealand : Arrowtown

in new zealand, we visited a small old town just outside of queenstown. the name is arrowtown, probably the equivalent of ‘balarat’ in melbourne. the town itself is quite picturesque, framed by mountains on 3 sides- really did remind me of the old cowboy town in the west (sans the saloons and gunshots, of course)

we were planning on a light lunch (because we booked the dinner at Skyline Restaurant- pictures coming soon!) so we stopped by this cafe, which i cant recall the name of :( but they have the prettiest salad i’ve ever seen – tasty too!

the prettiest salad ever

isnt it the prettiest? it consist of shredded purple lettuce, feta, pecans and some more greens. i’m not a big of salads but this one is dee-lee-cious! or maybe i’m just biased because of the appearance :p

we also had some savoury scone on the side. what i love about this scone is that it’s made in front of our eyes! they baked everything behind the counter and in particular this one, you can see the cheeses that they use (a very delicious NZ cheddar and parmesan cheeses were involved in the process) – a very well done savoury scone i must say!

savoury scone

okay, as far as i can remember, this little cafe has a huge ‘Lost Cafe’ sign above it but we later found out that it is not the said cafe. oh well, if you ever visited Arrowtown in NZ, you will have plenty of choices to dine at, both casual and fine dining available :)

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