Quickie : Gami

you know when something is so good that you have to blog it right away!? well, about 12 hours ago, bunch of friends and i went to Gami (who is known for its delicious korean fried chicken) and managed to somewhat demolished 5 plates of those yummy kfcs.. yes, ‘somewhat’ cause we ended up with 5 take away boxes for more kfcs at home :)

excuse the bad pictures and harsh lighting. the place has dim lighting and i HAVE to document these treasures (sorry for those around me who became the receiving end of the harsh flash!)

gami's in house beer

oh that’s right, forgot to mention the perfect partner for the famous fried chicken is this house beer right here! anyways, let’s get into the good stuff shall we!

tteokbuki (spicy rice cakes)

we got this dish by mistake but none of us are complaining :p i’m not a big fan of tteokbuki but this one has a crispy ‘skin’ (my friend said it’s fried prior to basting of the spicy sauce hence the crispiness) and very delicious! perfect entree :)


sweet chili flavoured

these are the last ever documentation of the delicious chicken bits. mere seconds after i took these photos, hands (and chopsticks) were flying about diving into their delicious crispiness (i’m salivating just thinking about it now!!)

these fried chickens are famous served with a side of radish (to clean your palette) and of course, the korean beer.

a must try if you love korean food or if you love fried chicken… well maybe, just try this regardless! yep, it is THAT good :)

Gami (100 Lt Lonsdale St – across the road from the Trunk Diner)

Gami on Urbanspoon


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