New Zealand : Homemade Valentine’s Dinner

i was fortunate enough to spend the (supposedly) most romantic day of the year with my friends and a ‘meat selection’ platter! and even better, everything was home-cooked by the boys (yep, the boys cook!)

i cant exactly remember why we settled for a very meaty dinner that day (well, most likely because we’ve been sheep after sheep after sheep…and sometimes cows every now and then) but i vividly recall the fullness after eating those delicious protein :p

assortment of meat

we had an assortment of beef and lamb cutlets (and a ‘sprinkle’ of garlic mushroom on the side with some greens) which were all bought locally and seasoned with local herbs. just another way of soaking in some new zealand goodness!

another new zealand ‘goodness’ that we managed to soak was monteith’s brewery’s own black beer (you can taste the chocolate/caramel/coffee note in it!) – okay, i’m not a beer-sommelier…or however you spell it. i just know that it is one heck of a beer! i’m still trying to find where in melbourne that sell these babies :(

monteith's black beer

and to top it all off, we had a view!! might not be overlooking anything significant but we could still see the sunset that night *sigh* – such an ending to a beautiful day…

dinner with a view

in case you are wondering, yes, that is indeed a bottle of sweet chili sauce on the table ^_^v

note: we stayed at Fiordland Holiday Park

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