Grand Hyatt Collins Kitchen

saturdays are best spent with the ones you love or better yet, spent with your loved ones over a cup of tea and desserts! so a few of my girlfriends decided to have this an extravagant dessert session (that’s what i call it, others know it by the name ‘high tea’) at Hyatt. when we booked the place, we didn’t realized that it’s gonna be an all-you-can-eat type thing. safe to say, we left the place all high and giddy from the sugar. in a good way ;)

these pictures below are not for the fainthearted and do keep in mind that five girls were involved here. and you know what happened when girls meet up and there’s desserts around… ;)


let’s start with the coffee which was pretty good. i requested for a strong latte but i doubt that they remembered it cause it tasted pretty bland for a ‘strong’ – anyhoo, it was soon forgotten because of these small-but-mightyly-delicious desserts…

pistachio / chocolate

up close and very personal :)

i can testify here and now that this is by far the most unforgettable chocolate dessert i’ve ever had (well, mom’s chocolate cake still reigns supreme but this one comes a very close second!) – too bad this one was not offered on the buffet selection, as well as this vanilla cheesecake below…

the lightest cheesecake you will ever taste in your life

creme brulee / blueberry tart / chocolate-dipped strawberry

apple crumble / chocolate tart / nutty caramel tart

scones cream jam / macarons /pistachio biscuit

now, let’s move to the “palette cleanser” or shall i say, the very delicious “pallete cleanser”? these finger sandwiches consist of salmon & herbed mayo, salami and cucumber sandwiches (now it wouldn’t be high tea without a proper cucumber sandwich, wouldn’t it?!) – we nibbled on these savoury ones in between the colorful sweetness above :)

savoury finger sandwiches

and i feel obliged to post the aftermath picture just to show you how delightful the desserts were (and as you can see, i am a slow eater but i’d like to think of it as ‘savouring every bite’)

the aftermath

and if you were hypnotised and mesmerized by those images and you dont even realize that there is no single picture of the actual tea, well i admit that it is completely my fault and yes, no documentation of any teas were taken that day :( – safe to say, our tummies were very happy (and very full) that afternoon!

Collins Kitchen

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