LuxBite #1

people have been saying that LuxBite is Melbourne’s answer to Sydney’s Adriano Zumbo, well for me, LuxBite is simply the answer to a lot of problems. nothing to do on a Saturday, LuxBite. craving for macarons, LuxBite. high tea with the girls, LuxBite. still craving for macarons, LuxBite!

i always enjoy visiting LuxBite not just because of the desserts, but the cleanliness of the place! the white chairs and tables are kinda like a big white plate for me and it doesn’t disturb the prettyness of the dessert :) – and i always giggle every time i read ‘life is uncertain, eat dessert first’ on the window :p

anyways, enough of me talking! here’s some visuals! [warning: may caused some serious sugar cravings!]

apple iTart

berry tart

the crumbly one is ‘apple iTart’ – love the quirky name! well, the deliciousness helped :p BUT i cant recall the name of this berry tart!! help anyone? i just remember it being very delicious and i dont want this tart to end :(

now let’s move on to the REAL dessert (yes, i am a chocolate lover… fine, an addict. there, i admit it!) – the giant chocolate macaron (for the naked eyes, it does look like a giant chocolate macaron) is filled with gooey chocolatey goodness. the crunchy crispy macarons combined with the gooey centre… it’s one of those things in life where you just have to taste it to believe it.

supersized love

i supersize-love this one very very very much. thankyou LuxBite for introducing this creation to the world!

kaya toast // strawberry yoghurt

and of course, when in LuxBite, you gotta try the macarons! i personally adore the ‘kaya toast’ flavour. it reminds me of holidays in Singapore! aaaah~ [the one on the right is ‘watermelon yogurt’ is also nice too! love the pink/green combination]

another satisfied tummy at the end of the afternoon. bought some takeaway macarons for a friend cause with desserts this good, you cant help but to share them!

LuxBite macarons

and to finish it off, i got myself a latte which was very nice too!


LuxBite [ps. follow their twitter to get instant updates on new creations!!]

LuxBite on Urbanspoon


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