Cacao Green : Junior Parade

i am not denying that i love Cacao Green’s frozen yoghurt. so many combinations to try and i cant get enough of their blueberry compote… and honey macadamia… and now, cheesecake bites!! recently they just got ‘mochi’ in the toppings bar.

often i get their yoghurt as an afternoon snack (cause it’s organic and healthy! GUILT FREE!) but lately i’ve been getting their Parfait for my lunch (well, more like late lunch…) and i especially adore their Mixed Berry Parfait :)

Mixed Berry Parfait

the Mixed Berry Parfait consists of strawberries, granolas, blueberry compote and yogurt- quite filling for lunch! but if you want something smaller, have a go at these combinations :)

italian originale with honeymac and cheesecake toppings

this is my first and still a favourite combinations! honey macadamia is too addictive!

french strawberry with cheesecake topping

this strawberry+cheesecake was a particular one when i was feeling a bit indulgent. it reminds me of strawberry cheesecake :)

italian originale-matcha twist with blueberry compote & cheesecake

okay, this is another indulgent post! i seriously cant get enough of those cheesecake bites :(

matcha with mochi and honey macadamia

now here’s the new addition to the family! mochi :) i love pairing mochi with something crunchy like honeymac, and of course, with japanese green tea! :)

i love the fact that Cacao Green is pursuing to be a completely organic store – currently, their yogurt, coffee (they deliver a decent cup of coffee!) and chocolate (world’s no 1 AMMA, no less) are all organic! it never hurts to indulge AND be good to the environment at the same time.

“A Cacao Green A Day Keeps The Craving Away” – Cacao Green

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