Seven Seeds Quick Lunch

went to grab a quick lunch with a friend at Seven Seeds on a gloomy Saturday. many have known this place for its wonderful and beyond-good coffee quality and the fact that the place is always full to the brim with customers is also a good sign that the food is not bad too. the menu itself is quite creative and honestly, i had a hard time choosing which one i wanted. so i settled for “fresh ricotta, urbanis backyardis grey box honey, pistachio and poppyseed dukkah served with toasted baguette” – such a mouthful. a delicious mouthful that is!

i especially enjoyed the taste of the honey. it’s not ‘boring’ just like ordinary honey. it’s very light and the sweetness is quite faint that it actually complimented the dukkah very well.

my friend ordered the “garlic thyme marinated mushroom, whipped Greek feta with dressed rocket and fennel”

this particular menu’s champion is probably the Greek feta – that was quite refreshing, as refreshing as cheese can get :p but other than that, it’s quite ordinary.

havent really tried everything else on the menu. this was my second time getting my lunch there and there definitely will be a third :)

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon


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