Mocha Jo’s Burgers!

if you watched the epic Heston episode on Masterchef Australia the other day, it is almost impossible for you not to crave for burgers. and if by any chance you have no idea what i’m talking about – well, THE Heston Bluementhal ‘dropped by’ the Masterchef kitchen last night and presented a ‘burger & fries’ dish. no tricks. just burger and chips, the Heston way, featuring brioche as burgers buns and triple cooked homemade chips. genius is the best way to describe it.

anyhoo, the following burgers might not be as mind blowing as Heston’s but it is as delicious as burgers can be. the buns were crusty and the patty was juicy! and the chips were crunchy too! – best enjoyed over a gossip session with friends :p

Beef Burger

made from 100% prime beef pattie with fresh tomato, melted tasty cheese, lettuce leaves, onion jam, chunky chips, house mayonnaise, this is Mocha Jo’s Beef Burger

and also, the chicken burger – mustard marinated chicken, avocado salsa, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, spanish onion, melted tasty cheese, chunky chips, and house mayonnaise

Chicken Burger

apologies for the non-close up picture of the chicken burger :( however, as consolation, here’s an innard shot of the juicy beef burger! warning – drooling may occur :p

innard beef burger ftw!

Mocha Jo’s 

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