Mini Mornington Getaway

Thanks to Iron Chef Shellie‘s and Jeroxie‘s posts on Mornington, I found myself literally begging my friends to go there! And cause I have such awesome friends, away we went to Mornington packed with cravings for good food and lots of cheese!

Initially, we wanted to have lunch at Red Hill Brewery but it was fully booked and so we decided to drive a little bit and had lunch at Max’s Restaurant at Red Hill Winery. The view there was simply too good not to be noticed. And the food was too good not to be remembered :)

We started with the bread – warm toasty fresh-from-the oven served with extra virgin olive oil, dukkah and Morello cherry balsamic vinegar.

the bread stuff :p

We didn’t even bother to order entrees, we dived straight into the good stuff!

cauliflower soup with truffle oil

pan-fried trout with mushroom sun-dried tomato risotto

baked tuscan porchetta, rolled with garlic and rosemary with crispy prosciutto

For these three, delicious is an understatement. I had the trout and the risotto was just too good! It wasn’t gluggy or too heavy, it was just right. And the sun-dried tomato flavour was just right and balanced the beautiful trout perfectly! We were told that the pork was the signature dish of the restaurant (who just won Best Tourism Restaurant 2010 from Qantas) – and fittingly so!

We didn’t get any dessert because we want to keep some space in our tummies for the next pit stop :p but we did try the coffee (they use 5 Sense beans! we could not be happier!)

5 Senses latte

So after the delicious lunch we had, my friend suggested we visited the Red Hill Cheesery -and eventhough we felt really full, you cant say no to cheese!

When we got there, we can already feel the cheesey vibe :p – we got ourselves the small tasting platter (the content is adjusted beased on what they have in stock at the moment) and we were given an instruction on which one is which. One thing we noticed is that more than half of the cheese there are made using either goat’s or sheep’s milk. Just as delicious as regular cow’s milk though.

Red Hill Cheese tasting plate

And as you can cheese, they have everything from the soft-white cheese to the hardcore blue cheese. Worth the try! Highly recommended for the cheese lovers :)

Next and final stop is the Mornington Peninsula Chocolates. Now, I’ve been hearing nothing but rave reviews here and I could see why. When we were there, they have chocolates in every shape and form! From the humble chocolate buttons to the exquisite heels’ shaped chocolate, it’s all there. Oh and have I mentioned that it is mighty delicious too?!

mornington peninsula chocolates

We decided to try the platter before we purchase anything and I think my friend (who is not a big fan of chocolate) fell in love with the hot chocolate. I can’t blame her- it is the lightest hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted! Not sweet like most hot chocolates, not heavy or too creamy. It’s just they way hot chocolate should be!

Unfortunately, we must end the short visit to Mornington due to time (and budget) constraints but we left with really happy hearts (and satisfied tummy!!) – definitely will make a return to other amazing places I’ve heard so much about (wanted to visit the Ashcombe Maze but didn’t have the time!)

Oh well, another visit another day :)

Max's Restaurant at Red Hill Estate Winery on Urbanspoon


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