Abbotsford Convent Bakery

if you are a fan and follower of sunday markets, this name would be all too familiar in your ear. during the first week of every month, collingwood’s farmers market hosts hundreds of avid foodies and shower them with ‘good and honest’ produce- you can find everything from the humble leeks to the exotic spices of dukkah. and just right next to this market, on the front yard of the convent, probably the most relaxed atmosphere (live jazz music too, mind you!) for a brunch place you can ever find!

with delicious and mouth-watering food too!

spinach & feta pie

salmon wrap

blueberry hotcakes

beef pie

lamb shanks with homemade wedges

yes, that lamb shank is as good as it looks. and the wedges! laden with cajuny-smoked-paprikay flavours, so yummmmm!! unfortunately, it was my friend who ordered this dish while i got the hotcakes – just as yummy!

the homey feel about this place is also one of the things that i enjoyed besides the food. definitely will come back and try more of the menu!

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