Luxbite #2

i love LuxBite. there. i said it. i may only have two posts here on them but there are many many unblogged and impromptu delicious visits that have happened over the past few months. well, let’s start this one shall we?! just a little note – this particular visit happened a few weeks back already and so there’s a few items that may not be readily available in-store anymore (insert a major sad face emoticon here)

my friends and i decided on LuxBite because we wanted to have brunch but also dessert (well, there was A LOT of catching up to do!!) – and also located relatively close to where we live. so LuxBite it is! it was a very bright and sunny Sunday morning (natural light ftw!) and it was just the perfect day :)

first, we had the savoury brunch dishes, or as i’d like to call it, ‘preparing your tummy for some sweet goodness!’

feast your eyes on those deliciousness! the toastie, the beef pie and the Japanese style egg custard (with shitake mushrooms and spring onions) :)

and now, let’s move on to the desserts!

appropriately names ‘The ET’ – this delicious chocolatey goodness consist of dark chocolate mousse, popcorn and salted caramel. I believe ET stands for Eternal Temptation cause everytime i come and visit LuxBite, it always stares at me and yelling ‘take me home! take me home!’ – yes, i love it THAT much! :p

Oriental Love – caramelized bananas with passionfruit curd and pandan cream together with coconut macarons [my friend who already missed bananas due to the insane price increase dived straight into this one!]

and last but not least, the Black Knight of Appetite- how can you not try a dessert with that name?!

This one is made of cherry mousse, Kirsch hazelnut sponge and topped with cherry bomb.

And it wouldn’t be complete without the proper LuxBite macarons takeaway :)

Another visit, another happy tummy! Thankyou LuxBite!
LuxBite on Urbanspoon


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