Sydney Megapost #2

part deux of the Sydney trip! i hope you guys aren’t full yet ;)

let’s start light, shall we? a visit to Lindt Cafe at Martin Place gave us these huge macarons (and the undocumented coffees) – Lindt’s macarons are bigger and more chewy than the ones i’m used to (Luxbite’s!) and unfortunately there arent as many options when it comes to flavours, but they are still delicious!

a friend and i also got the chance to visit Meat Wine and Co in Darling Harbour. we popped by for a quick lunch since our days in Sydney were mostly spent around Haymarket-Darling Harbour area, we decided to give this place a go (no, we havent tried the Melbourne branch yet)

my friend got the prawn and beef skewer (yep, that dangling thing!) which made us giggled when it was brought out – quite the adventurous presentation indeed. and me, well i got myself the good ol’ burger – “gourmet cheese burger” is the name and, apologies to burger purist out there, i did deconstruct the burger prior to eating it. my reason?! i still need my jaw to function properly! :p it was quite the memorable burger for me- the onion rings were my favourite part, sweet and crunchy! all the burger elements (Monte beef burger patty, cheddar cheese, English mustard, grilled eggplant, zuchinis and the crusty buns) all worked deliciously together. all the more reason to make me wanna try the Melbourne branch!
Meat & Wine Co on Urbanspoon

next up, coffee- the last time i went to Sydney, i literally whinged about the fact that there is no decent coffee place in Sydney CBD. well, i take back those words, folks. there is indeed a very decent coffee place conveniently located in George St called Workshop Coffee

the place is quite small and always crowded with people but they DO have good coffee (they use their own blend roasted by Toby Estate’s)- so yes, for your caffeine fix in Sydney CBD, i highly recommend this one. as per usual, got myself a strong latte just before the flight back to Melbourne

we also got the chance to try Wagaya Japanese Restaurant in Haymarket (Chinatown) – apparently famous for their Mantaiko spaghetti (described by Google as ‘a Western-influenced Japanese dish) and so i tried one!

so it is basically spaghetti with cream sauce with seafood but the difference is this orange ‘sprinkle thing’ (salted cod roe) which made it so delicious and yummy!

Wagaya on Urbanspoon

and last but most definitely not the least, this small kiosk in The Strand that one of my friend pointed out. she said she wanted to get the lemon meringue tart cause she had one the other day, and i quote, “it was soooo good!” – so away we went to this small place and to my delight, this small place was indeed SWEET INFINITY!! (i seriously did jump for joy when we arrived there….sad, but very true)

i wish i could buy everything there but i already had too much stuff to carry back to Melbourne so i settled with a raspberry-chocolate macaron, a vanilla macaron, a lemon meringue tart and a chocolate tart

the lemon meringue tart was indeed soooo good- perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. the chocolate tart was light and not too much for a nibble in the afternoon (goes well with the latte from Workshop Espresso!) the macarons were noticeably thicker and bigger than any of the macarons i’ve ever had, it did remind me of the texture of those huge chewy cookies. i looove these macarons- the flavours were spot on for my liking :)

sadly, this is the end of my Sydney trip :( – there were several places that didnt get the chance to be documented due to various reason (mostly because we were too hungry- tee hee!) so i’m just gonna list them out for you if you ever visit Sydney :)

– Arisun (famous for their Korean Fried Chicken!) -here’s a review by Grab Your Fork

– Ichi Ban Boshi (perfectly located next to Kinokuniya book store!) – here’s another review by Grab Your Fork


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