Quickie : Tomatoes!

i have been crazy over tomatoes lately. it all started when i tried to have a vegetarian dinner (yes, i am a meat lover. guilty as charged.) and i tried to have something that’s quite filling. so i tossed some corn, cherry tomatoes, mushroom and capsicum together and popped them in the oven. sprinkled some cheese on top. done. nothing fancy but if i could, i’d named it ‘Disti’s Dish’ – simply because that’s my bestfriend’s name who love, and i repeat, LOVE those ingredients and sort of “properly” introduced me to them.

and so the other day, i had a day off from work and was too lazy to cook something for breakfast. i decided to raid my fridge and somehow magically managed to whip this up to my tummy’s delight!

and for this version, i’d probably name it ‘Tomatoes in Heaven’ – mini roma tomatoes, capsicum, corn and day-old bread sprinkled with cheese and dukkah. 

and later that day, went for a bit of a walk down the neighbourhood. i noticed that Wall 280 has expanded their space- what used to be a small nook on the wall is now a corner space that no one can ignore. with the coffee smell wafting from the open window, obviously i cant ignore it too. so i decided to have a late lunch after some groceries shopping (yep. bought more tomatoes!)

surprise surprise. i chose the ‘sardines on sourdough with tomatoes and basil’ – the dish was so honest and delicious, i could taste every single ingredient in it! lovelove~

Wall Two 80 on Urbanspoon



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