Chin Chin

happy happy. joy joy. indeed.

an impromptu catch up with girlfriends led me to this talk-of-the-town place in Flinders Lane. my friends suggested that we start queueing at 1130am and so we came but to our surprise, it was still empty!! we came just in time :)

looking at the menu, we would’ve ordered everything if possible but due to tummy (and budget) constraints, we finally settled on 4 dishes to be shared amongst the three of us.

first up is the crispy barramundi and green apple salad with caramelised pork, chilli and lemongrass – i’m not much of a salad person but this one is divine (and i dont use the word ‘divine’ that often too)

the crispy barramundi mixed with the chewy pork mixed with the fresh salad. major drool. and then we got the crispy quail soy marinated with sichuan salt, lemon and sauce siracha

these little gems tasted soooo fingerlickin-good, we literally took our time to finish them off. we also got the spicy corn and coriander fritters served with iceberg lettuce and chilli jam

and later that night, i was told that the fritters was completely sold out! luckily we got to taste them- very delicious! the crunchyness of the fritters combined with the crisp and fresh lettuce with a dollop of the spicy jam! YUMMY.

and lastly, we ordered the ‘son in law eggs‘ (yep, the one that Dani from Masterchef wowed the judges with) – the soft-boiled eggs meets the gooey, sweet and a bit sour sauce. MORE YUMMYNESS.

and with that, my friends, is the end of our quest at Chin Chin. i can go on about how delicious and delightful and wonderful their dishes are but i just want to say that these dishes were doubly delicious because they were enjoyed (or, should i say, devoured) amongst friends over chatter and laughter. needless to say, tummy was indeed very happy that day.

and to top it off, we went for a little dessert over at Little Cupcakes – more chatter and laughter ensues :)



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