Summer Quickie : Haute Dogs & Coffee Roasters

summer is here!! yep, you can definitely feel the warm breeze and the sunshine coming through :)

first up is Snag Stand who’s famous for their “haute dogs” and i tried the chili dog- well it was quite chilifull! i like spicy food but this one, although delicious, was a tad too spicy for my palette. they use brioche buns for this and being a brioche lover, no complaints here :)


and then there’s Dukes Coffee Roasters. conviniently located quite close to where i live, i think i have found my new favourite eatery :)
i highly recommend their chicken BLT panini that has this ‘backn salt’ which i think simply enhanced the dish and also their pork ragout with rigatoni yummy yummy…!



and if you’re a Korean BBQ addict like me, you would know by now that Guhng is a must visit at the beginning of summer- best enjoyed with friends (and a couple bottles of soju too!)


Dukes Coffee on Urbanspoon


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