Travelling Tummy : St Catherine & Israel

continuing on my travel in Israel and surroundings, we went to the little town called St Katrin (at the foot of Mt Sinai) and spent only one night there. but on the way, made a pit stop in Mara (known for the bitter well in the time of Moses) – and eventhough it was scorching hot (well, it WAS in the desert…) didnt stop the people there from cooking good food! this set truly reminded me of Indonesian cooking of coconut rice with fried chicken.

oh, i have to say this – these are probably the best fried potatoes i’ve ever tasted! sooo tasty! it was not oily and not too salty. just perfect!

in st katrin, we stayed in one out of the only two hotels there. as i mentioned before, the food was pretty decent. obviously Egyptians have a keen sense towards spices and flavours which i believe make the ‘plain’ dishes more interesting

i have to admit that it does look like plain rice and some bits of chicken, but the lighter-colored rice (mix with shredded carrots) is actually ‘salad’ – it had quite the vinegar-y and refreshing taste.

after st katrin, we got on our way to Israel, and we made a pit stop at this small Chinese-Korean restaurant in Nuweiba, it’s called Han Kang Restaurant. apparently the restaurant is quite famous around the area – even advised by TripAdvisor too!

and finally, arriving in Jerusalem that night! got treated with lots of food due to the holidays season at the time… nomnomnommm~

and of course, gotta love the exotic fruits and tasty desserts provided too :)


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